I decided to use this space to include links to a few of my favorite blog posts. For those of you who are new to my blog, this will be a quick way for you to get to know me! Happy Reading. 

Letter From Ryan
Originally posted in September 2012.

Below is a letter that Ryan wrote on February 7, 2012 just two days before he suffered a severe brain hemorrhage. He had just found out that the melanoma had spread to his brain. Prior to this, he hadn’t shared his illness with many people.  Sharing his illness was a huge deal for him, he never wanted anyone to feel bad for him and had no idea how to share the news with others. He had thought about sending this letter to his friends via facebook but never had the opportunity.  Read more.. 

Wear Sunscreen
Originally posted in May 2012. (My first ever post! )

Wear Sunscreen…Are you channeling Baz Luhrmann right now? I know you’re probably rolling your eyes  because two year’s ago I would have done the same. Sunscreen can help protect your skin from developing skin cancer, more importantly Melanoma

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, the type of cancer that took the life of my husband Ryan. This is the story of Ryan’s journey with Melanoma.  Read more… 

Time For Honesty
Originally posted in September 2013. 

You all know that I have been working hard to empower and educate you and myself about skin cancer. In reading over my recent blog posts, i’ve started to realize that i’ve been missing something.. honesty.  Read more…
Originally posted in Mach 2013. 
I am going to write this post without a title for now. Hopefully by the end I can come up with something appropriate. As fast a life moves, all it takes is an instant to bring me back to a sad moment or memory from the past year. As I’ve mentioned before, I spend most of my time reflecting during my commute to and from work. (It’s about 35 minutes each way so it’s a good amount of quiet time for me each day.)  Read more… 

Originally posted in May 2014.  
Melanoma Monday is today, May 5. The intended purpose behind Melanoma Monday is to raise awareness about Melanoma and skin cancer. So to be completely honest, my head isn’t always in a clear place when I wake up on Monday mornings. I knew this day was coming and had been preparing mentally for it last week but this morning I completely spaced and got ready for work as usual. Read more…

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