Melanoma Resources’ve come to this section, do you have interest in learning about Melanoma? Well sit and stay a while because I have interest in sharing. If this is the first page that you have entered on this site, I recommend taking a look at the About Us section too. 

Here are a few things you should check out:

The Skin Cancer Foundation website and their Facebook page.
This is where I go to gather a lot of Melanoma Facts. 

Stand Up To Cancer Melanoma Dream Team

MSKCC Melanoma page
MSKCC is where Ryan went for treatment. Their site has options to make an appointment and find a physician. I recommend them, 100%.

DCMF: Dear 16-year-old-me video

Beating Melanoma 
I read this book when Ryan was first diagnosed.

Everything Changes: The Insider’s Guide to Cancer in your 20’s and 30’s
Not necessarily a Melanoma resource but this book has a lot of good tips for young caregivers and cancer patients. You know, things like: Make several copies of you house key so that you family and friends can help with household duties.

Melanoma Research Foundation
I used to read their forums A LOT. Especially ones about whatever treatment Ryan was participating in at any particular time.

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