I Got Chopped!

I got chopped! This post isn’t about crafting, for once. I have had this love/hate relationship with my hair for a very long time. Every time I think about cutting it short, I realize that it would probably be a huge mistake and don’t do it. So the other day, I decided that it is just TOO hot for long hair. Here is what happened…

First, I consulted Pinterest and friends via text. (This is what you do when you are in a long distance relationship with 98% of the people you know.) At this point, I decided that Reese Witherspoon is my hair twin.




This was the look that I was going for, just with more bangs.

scary before

This is my scary before shot.

park hair


I hit up the farmer’s market before my appointment to grab some veggies and inevitably got sucked into the used book sale and the coffee tent. But hey, YOLO right? <– bahahaha I said YOLO.

after square


Drum Roll: Here is the after.

I must say, I love it! I even liked how she styled it, which never happens. So YAY, a 100% win for today.