A Baby Quilt for Phoebe

I finally get to share this baby quilt with you! I started working on it months ago and finally finished and shipped it last week. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Baby Quilt Front


The front blocks remind me of origami birds, which was where I was going.

Baby Quilt Back

This is the very first pieced back that i’ve done. I was kind of nervous, but i like it a lot.

Baby Quilt Binding

This is the first quilt that i hand bound. It took forever but looks 100% better than when i use the machine. I’ll be dong this again. Phoebe’s mom blogs over at Couldn’t Ask For Moore. Check out her blog and follow her adventures with their 4 kids!

On a side note, it looks like Mr. B. and I may finally have a home to call our own. We have been diligently house hunting for months. We’ve had contracts on two great houses that turned out to have some pricey problems that led us to cancel the contracts. However we had inspection on a third house yesterday that didn’t include any findings of mold or water damage. Is that too much to ask??  Fingers crossed that we have good news in the next few weeks.