Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sew, Sew Sewing..

My goodness it's been so long since I've given you an update on what I've been sewing. If we are being honest here, it's because I haven't really taken any pictures of my projects. So I thought that I would take some time to give you an update. If you don't care about my sewing adventures then this probably isn't the post for you. 

  • Blue Tshirt & Purple Surplice Dress
This shirt was part of my Craftsy Sewing with Knits class. I mentioned that I signed up for this class a few months ago and have been working through the projects over the summer. I definitely recommend a Crafsty class or project if you're into that stuff.  I followed the patterns and instructions completely for both of these projects. I've worn both since I've completed them and am super happy with how they turned out. 

  • Blue Weekender Dress
This dress was also from Craftsy. I whipped it up in just a few hours. I would recommend this for anyone who loves to wear cotton dresses. I decided not to add the orange to the bottom of this dress. I'm also happy with how this one turned out. One thing that I definitely like better about sewing clothing with knits rather than woven materials is that knits are way more forgiving. 


  • Two Place mats 
While we were visiting Mr B's family this summer I was introduced to this great fabric shop where things got a little crazy. Anyway, I brought home a bundle of summery fabrics. I decided to make two place mats with some of the fabric. I plan to gift these. I didn't have a pattern for these. 

  • Quilt for baby Matthew
This I am not ready to share until after I give present the quilt to his mommy. Stay tuned. 
  • Fixed a few things here and there
  • New Additions to the sewing room 
I got this sweet serger bag and a piping and elastic foot for the serger. Can't wait to use them for future projects. 

Thanks for going on this crafting adventure with me. I've got lots of project waiting in line and am excited to share them! 

Today, I am thankful for: Ever feel so happy that you want to burst and tell share your happiness with everyone? That's how I feel today. So i'm thankful for that.

Melanoma fact: Thirty percent of all melanoma in men arises on the back—it is important to ask your doctor to examine your skin carefully for atypical moles.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

7 Lessons We Learn From Our First Love

Recently I was perusing the interwebs and stumbled on: 7 Lessons We Learn From Our First Love. Often times you hear songs or see movies that are written about breakups but it's less often that you find stories of relationships ending by death. Even less common are stories of young widows and widowers. 

For several months after Ryan died, I would hear love songs or love stories and they all seemed to focus on a broken heart but from a breakup. I just figured that most younger people had not experienced what I was going through. Sometimes I would find myself trying to connect with those breakup stories or songs but it never felt like a good fit. 

So to my surprise, reading this article today some how kind of connected with me. Ryan was my first love, we just experienced all of these things in a shorter than usual period of time. ( I was really lucky to have a 7 year relationship with my first love. )

Anyway, this one was my favorite. 
7. You Will Love Again, And It Will Be Even More SpecialThere are those moments after you break up with your first love where you believe you will never love again. How could you? You just left the one person you loved more than yourself, and there’s no possible way you will find that again. Eventually, as your heart heals, as you begin to love yourself more, you find your second love. And, unimaginably so, it is the perfect blend of everything you expect from love. TC mark
Now, you'll have to read between the lines to see the connection. So, Ryan and I didn't exactly break up in the sense that this is referring. His life ended and mine continued, whether I liked it to or not, it did. With a break up, you always run the chance of seeing the person pop up on your Facebook newsfeed or running into the person at the grocery store. Well, not so much in my situation, in fact, while people who are working through breakups might wish that these things didn't happen, widows/widowers often find themselves wishing that these situations did happen. 

I remember grasping at straws in hopes that I would see or feel Ryan's presence. It was exhausting and can at times be consuming. I remember at night before bed I would try to fall asleep wishing that I would dream of Ryan. Unfortunately for me, it almost never happened. 

There is also truth to the line that speaks to thinking that there is no possible way that love will find you again. If there was a club for people who believed that love would never find them again, I would have been the captain. The part about finding a second love that is a perfect blend, I couldn't feel more connected with that line. 

I am so thankful everyday that I have Mr. B and have had Ryan in my life. I think about Ryan each and every day, while these memories aren't always happy memories, i'm finding that the happier I am with my life, the more that I am able to focus on the happy memories that Ryan and I shared. 

Some people go through life never really knowing what love feels like. I'm so glad that I took a leap and declined renewing my membership in the 'Never find love again Club'.  My life is so full, despite the heartbreak that still burns in my heart every day, love has helped to make me into the person that I am. And when I say burn, some days it's more like a bee sting and on others, it feels like I've been hit by a bus. But hey, aren't the best moments in life found after struggle? 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fears Stemming From Death

One of the things that I have noticed creeping up more often than i’d like in my dreams and thoughts is a new-found fear of death. Now this fear might not be what you think, I’m not talking about fear of my own death, i’m talking about fear of family and friend’s deaths.

Until recently, I haven’t brought this up in conversation to many, so i’m turning to the blog. This has been my outlet for working through grief so I feel it’s an appropriate channel to help me work through this too. (Don’t underestimate the soothing and healing powers of the blog!)

Just writing about this feeling is making me feel anxious in the moment. It makes me want to tell everyone to stay inside their houses and never leave. I now find myself hating the fact that Mr. B. rides his bike, I have awful dreams about friend’s dying and I’m trying to wrap my head around this. When I awake from a dream or a bad thought, I try to remind myself that I’ve seen death, that it’s completely out of my control and when it creeps back into my life I’ll deal with it.

While I know that death might seem like the worst thing that can ever happen to a person in the moment, it’s an experience that everyone sees and feels. I keep in mind that I should think that every day is a gift and that life is what you make of it. ( I know that this sounds cliche.)

I’m committing to refusing to live in fear and will not allow this to overwhelm me. Let it go…

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What I'm Reading Now..

So after a bit of a blog vacation, I'm working on getting back into a regular posting schedule. Just because my blog posts have slowed down, doesn't mean my reading has slowed. So instead of focusing on one book in this post, i'm going to tell you about the last several books. Ha! 

What I've Been Reading...
My Current Read
Like, Recommend-
Typical Nora Roberts Read
Double Like, Recommend-
This Book Was A Quick Read and Really Funny!
Double Like, Recommend-
This Book Was A Quick Read and Really Funny!     

Will I Recommend Theses Books?
Of course

What's Next?
The world is my oyster, I have no idea. (That's a saying right?)

Today, I Am Thankful For: Spending time with friends and family and the ability to be happy. 

Skin Cancer Fact: Did you know that Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S.?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two + Years A Widow

I wanted to write a post about something that I've been thinking about recently...widowhood. Maybe it's because technically, by definition, I am no longer a widow but a piece of my heart will always be Ryan's and therefore, that makes me a widow. <-- In case you were wondering what my stance was on this situation.

There are some people out there who will judge me publicly and silently for moving on and remarrying sooner than whatever made-up acceptable timeline they have created in their head and then there are those that are my true supporters and advocates who stand by my no matter what decision I choose to make. 

Before this turns into a rant, I want to thank those people in my life who have stood by me at my best and my worst. I appreciate you far more than you can imagine. I've had some really, really dark days and the people who called me at 7am to make sure I was up in time for work and the people who spent time or listened to me even though I acted like a bigger you know what than I'd care to admit. <-- It's not lady-like to swear. Even those who were worried about my behaviors and helped me to pick up the pieces enough to make myself presentable during my darkest days. 

Today I send a big hug and a thank you to my friends and family. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blog Slacker...

That would be me. I definitely missed out on posting my Hopes and Plans this week and I'm ok with it. You know why? Something that I learned from grief...I believe that you need to cut yourself some slack sometimes and that one should be patient with oneself. <-- is that even a sentence? And after all, this is my blog right? It's my little space to be me, do as I please and say what I want. 

I will tell you that I exercised 4 times last week, decided what to do with Mr B's pants and got two projects completed for my Sewing with Knits class. In fact, I should catch you up with some of my latest projects. 

The three images above are of a hoodie that I made last week. It was super easy, my intent was to dye it a coral color but I might just keep it natural color.  

  This is a v-neck shirt. The image that I have, I'll have to share an image with me wearing it next time. 

I can't remember if I shared this image before but I made this shirt about a month ago and have been proudly wearing it. :-) 

 This is a fabric that I purchased for a surprise new quilt :-) 

Had to throw in a selfie from this weekend.  

Flowers from the yard. 

Consider this your update on all things Megan for the past week. 

Today, I am Thankful For: To have been Ryan's wife and to be Mr. B's wife. 

Skin cancer fact of the day: Skin cancer can occur anywhere on the body, but it is most common in skin that is often exposed to sunlight, such as the face, neck, hands, and arms.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What I'm Reading Now

I'm realizing that I'm flying though books this month. You might be wondering how much my book budget is... well I will say that i'm usually an amazon shopper but occasionally i'll get an e-book from the library. Recently, I have failed with the library attempts lately. One thing I try to do to cut back on book costs is use the Lending Library as one of the perks of the Amazon Prime membership. 

What Am I'm Reading Now?

What Is This Book About? 
The official book description: A shy girl with no family, Maria knows she's lucky to have landed in the sewing room of the royal household. Before World War I casts its shadow, she catches the eye of the Prince of Wales, a glamorous and intense gentleman. But her life takes a far darker turn, and soon all she has left is a fantastical story about her time at Buckingham Palace.

Decades later, Caroline Meadows discovers a beautiful quilt in her mother's attic. When she can't figure out the meaning of the message embroidered into its lining, she embarks on a quest to reveal its mystery, a puzzle that only seems to grow more important to her own heart. As Caroline pieces together the secret history of the quilt, she comes closer and closer to the truth about Maria.

How Far Am I?
I'm about 25% through.

Do I Like The Book?
Yep, it's shaping up to be a good story.

Will I Recommend This Book?
Not sure yet, probably.

What's Next?
Last time I mentioned that I was excited for the new JK Rowling book. I decided against it after reading a sample. I just couldn't get into the swing of things. I might reattempt it at a later date but for now it's on the back burner.

Today, I Am Thankful For: My Kindle of course.

Skin Cancer Fact: This year, it is estimated that Melanoma will be just 1.7% of all cancer deaths.